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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I was told if I neuter my 6 month old puppy it will "Calm and Change" him and stop his humping?

Neutering a dog has effects on his behavior to an extent. Unfortunately, you wont see it, because he is coming into a boost of hormones here in the near future. If he is humping it can be two things, one being he is trying to figure out his pack status and two he is getting his hormones coming into his adolescence. Either way you need to correct the mounting and humping behavior so that he doesn't think it is okay.

You will not get back a calm puppy after the neuter. Meaning he wont loose his puppy-ness. He will be the same dog you dropped off. Neutering only takes away the testosterone drive that will fuel him as an adult. Contrary to popular belief, his personality wont "Change". He may be less apt to lift his leg, although lots of neutered male do. He will be less apt to mount unless you have a dominate dog that is allowed to dominate the family in other areas, he may fight less with others if he is aggressive, his need to find females in heat will decrease, and the need to roam.... just to name a few...

Regardless of the neuter, train him, be consistent, and you will have the same pup you see now. Any dog has the ability( neutered or not) to become a pushy,bossy, marking, territorial, hyper, unbalanced, aggressive,shy, or submissive dog if given the right environment to do so in.

The humping wont just stop out thin air, you need to correct him for it. His tendency to do it will decrease with your assistance, unless he is a social climbing puppy with a strong will personality.

Don't confuse personality with behavior. They are two different things. Behavior is how he acts, Personality is who he is.

You can have a dog with a shy personality who has dominate behaviors
or you can have an aggressive dog with dominate behavior.
You can always change the behavior, or modify it, or shape it. But the personality is another ball of wax. Meaning if he is aloof he will more than likely always be aloof to a certain degree, if he is shy and sensitive he will always be shy and sensitive to a degree, that's his personality. So if he needs to be corrected for the mounting BEHAVIOR, look at his PERSONALITY and tailor a correction that is appropriate. Hope that helps. And as always, that's just my 2 cents.



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