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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things to Chew and Play with

Chew Items

Ice cubes- with a treat inside
Frozen washcloths- Can be dipped in Chicken or Beef broth
Kong ball with peanut butter, cream cheese, Velveeta, …..
Bully sticks
Ice block- frozen in bowl
Holy Roller- with puppy cookies inside
Stuffer bones
Orka- pet stages
Premier- Wiggle, waggle, ….
Nylabone- some puppies like, others do not.
Food based items

Play Items

Anything that squeaks, beeps, wiggles, rolls, jumps…..
Balls- If you play with a puppy and a ball you need a few. Puppies don’t release (Typically) and you need to play what is called “Two ball”…or three or four
Ball on a rope.
Rope toy
Kong Ball
Plush toys (stuffed animal types)

Make sure you rotate toys.
Find toys that are easy for the puppy to handle
Plush toys are for playing, chew toys are for occupying a bored puppy.
No tug of war. A little puppy tugging is okay.



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