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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excuse me..."Do you have the time?"

Today is the end of a long week for me and I decided to write an entry about the biggest problem I saw in my training clients.

This is an article about time, or lack of. I am hit everyday with perplexed looks and sighs when the prescription I dish out is one of spending more time with the dog or the puppy. Raising a puppy or training a dog takes TIME along with consistency, patience and discipline. I don’t think most people get that concept. I think intellectually they understand it, but in reality think in some way it doesn’t apply to them specifically. Well trained animals don’t come out of a box understanding what to do in a human world. Their success is dependent on their owners. It seems no one has the time anymore. I think folks are stretched so thin it leaves little or no time for working with their pets. It is increasingly becoming a problem. Puppies don’t reach emotional maturity until around 18-24 months of age. What that means is you have to manage the puppy into adulthood with consistency until that day arrives.


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