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Monday, April 27, 2009

If your dog COULD talk!!

I am a dog. Nothing more or less. I DO NOT know how to communicate in a human world. I only know the language of dogs.
When you talk to me, please understand I have no idea what you are saying. I am not being stubborn or stupid. I will not learn the things you want me to know, until you teach them to me. Teaching is not comprised of yelling, hitting, and pointing. If you do those things I will become scared, frustrated, and confused.
I am talking all of the time. Not with words, but with body language. If you watch my ears, eyes, nose, lips, mouth, tail and posture you will see what I am saying. If you don't understand the message, please find someone who does. I am counting on you.
I am a canine, not a little person in a fur suit. Please respect my heritage. If you treat me like a person, I will treat you like a dog. I need a patient, confident and consistent leader. If you don't provide that for me, I will provide it for myself. My behavior is your responsibility. If I am hyper, exercise me. If I am scared, socialize me.
I will not intentionally do bad things. I will live according to dog law. I will not do things that are contrary to canine behavior, although canine behavior may be contrary to you. All of my quirks can be mended to an acceptable level with time and teaching. Please don't set unrealistic expectations on my ability.
I can be trained to do many things. Some of my doggy cousins can lead the blind, hear for the deaf, comfort the sick, assist the police, sniff out the missing, guard the sheep, round up the cattle, help the disabled and rescue those in danger. I too can perform many great things.
Don’t spend all of your money on my purchase, toys and vet. care. Save money for my training. It will ultimately save my life and your valuables!!
Your devoted dog!