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At what age can I start training my dog?

Dogs of any age can start training. Regardless of whether you are training a rescue dog or an existing dog in your home, it is never too late to extinguish bad behavior or apply obedience. When we start new puppies, we like them to be at least 8 weeks of age.

Will training ruin my dog’s spirit?
Absolutely not. There is no better way to build a relationship with your dog. You will find training creates the open line of communication as well as builds an amazing bond between you and your dog.

What methods are used in obedience? Dogworks Training Co. uses many different methods while
training a dog. We incorporate motivational, reward based training, along with classical and operant conditioning, to achieve an obedience foundation. Once the foundation is gained, we will then apply a motivational, correction based discipline program for disobedience.

How long will it take?
Basic on leash obedience will take 8-10 weeks of one on one training. Off leash obedience will take an additional 8 weeks. Each individuals result will vary depending upon the level of excellence the owner would like the dog to achieve. You will see immediate results in the first lesson; however reliability is gained through practice, patience, commitment and consistency. Every dog has a different rate of learning while in the training program.

Do I have to be at the lessons?
Yes! Training involves the dog and the owner. You, as the owner, are instrumental in the training process.

Can I have my children train the dog?
There are many things children can do in the training process. We ask that children be at least 13 yrs of age. If and when we are dealing with aggression or fear, it is not a child’s place due to safety reasons. The bulk of the training process needs to be an adult’s responsibility. Our program is a very professional course; therefore some children will not be able to understand the requirements of timing and accuracy needed to achieve desired results. We welcome all well behaved children in the programs.

Does the whole family need to be at the lessons?
There needs to be a primary handler in the beginning of the training program. Other family members can participate during the training process and are welcomed and encouraged to do so. Everyone in the house needs to participate at some time. Being on the same page allows the dog to learn what he or she is to know without being confused. A dog’s behavior is a family issue. If other members do not want to participate, the dog will not view them as a leader in an everyday social dynamic.