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Danielle“My goal in dog training is to not only teach and train the dog, but more importantly, give the owners the skill set they need to raise a happy, confident, willing and obedient family pet. I strive to produce a companion animal that is welcome anywhere you go in life and is a pleasure to have around. I will unlock the mystery of your dog’s behavior and reveal your dog's true personality. My focus is to make the owner a fair, firm and confident leader. I will show you a well behaved pet is possible. ” – Danielle

Dogworks Training Co. offers private, custom IN-HOME dog training for ALL BREED/ ALL AGE dogs and puppies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Why Use Dogworks
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Paw Housebreaking Paw Bootcamp/ Board and Train Paw Fear Issues
Paw Preparing for baby Paw Setting up home for new puppy Paw And a whole lot more.

Why Use Dogworks
Experience- We have over 15 yrs experience as professional dog trainers. We do not use a one size fits all approach in obedience or behavior modification, because no two dogs are the same. Our trainers have received personal training and certification by top dog trainers in the field of canine obedience training. We regularly attend and appear at seminars and conferences to make sure that we are sharing and learning the very latest methods and theories available for your dog.

Understanding- We are experts in training dogs from their point of view. This is known and often written about as "Dog Psychology" we to know why dogs do, what they do, when they do it. We have the ability to see problems before they arise because we have the training to do so. Through the methods we use to understand the thinking of your dog, we eliminate problem behavior and teach the owner methods to prevent problem behavior from occurring in the future. We use proven methods that get results.

Education- You will learn about what motivates, inspires and engages your dog and learn to use this information to alter his or her behavior. We believe you must understand the fundamentals of canine behavior to solve your dogs problems and make your dog an obedient pet and family companion. Our goal is always to make you a great dog owner and handler. You will always know why we are doing what we are doing in terms of dog training and problem solving.

Private- We are firm believers in private one on one dog training. Our research shows that the "once size fits all" training approach is ineffective to adequately address most canine behavioral issues. With Dogworks Training Co., you will not have to share your time and money with a class full of other people. Our focus is always on you and your dog. Your time will be spent addressing your dog's particular issues at his or her speed. With Dogworks Training Co., problems are solved in your home, where they exist. Obedience is installed in the places you go with your dog. We bring good behavior to you.

Dedication- We are dedicated solely to training dogs. Our owner and trainers have dedicated their lives to the education and welfare of dogs.

Integrity- We consider the Dogworks Training Co. name to be attached to every dog we train, therefore, we put our all in to every dog we work with. We will not set goals that we can not achieve and we will not make promises that we cannot keep.

Convenience- We work around your schedule. We will always find a time that works.