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Azra H.- West LA, CA

Client has PTSD- Dog trained as ESA Dog (Emotional Support Animal)

Dog rescued from West LA shelter

     Llasa mix

Hi Danielle, hope you are well. 

I just wanted to give you a little update and a huge thank you for all the work you did with Swiffy.  He was great on the trip.  We walked him the morning of and have him a few kibbles.  He was in his carrier on the way to LaX and stayed in until security.  Each time i took him out and off leash, he would stay put when i put him down and wait for me to reattach the collar, before returning to his carrier.  He was a gem on the flight to Chicago, sat either on my lap or slept by our feet.  He was also very good on the flight to Frankfurt, but, when they dimmed the cabin lights for the "night" and I fell asleep, he began growling a few times when someone would pass by.  After a couple of those, we put him in the carrier and covered the side facing the aisle, and he stayed put and quiet until "day."  For the last flight he had to be in the carrier and he wasn't happy but was completely quiet.  I think he was just worn out.  We went potty outside of LAX and ORD but there was no where for him to go in Frankfurt and he refused to go inside.  So that must have been rough.  On our last flight, the flight attendants told me to take him out as soon as we landed and i took him in my arms and let him pee on the tarmac grass as soon as we got off the plane.  Everyone laughed, but I didn't want him to have to wait for passport control, luggage, and customs.  We got his food too so everything's here.  He really likes it here and we're keeping him off leash even though the property is not gated. He learned right away that he can't bark at passers by, but he still barks at other dogs that walk by.  We are working on that.  It took shaking a can at him once for him to get that he can't climb on the bed.  The crate we have here is plastic and claustrophobic, so he just sleeps on his mat on the floor next to our bed.  He vomited blood the third morning and I freaked out, but it seems to have been a one off thing.  We bought a long rope to work on "come" with him, and he's improving with fetch. Bill is now training him to find things, that's our next step.  Also, the can worked wonders for jumping.  That completely stopped before we left :)

Again, thank you so much for everything.  he is such a joy to have around, everyone loves him. Hope you have a great summer. We look forward to seeing you when you get back.  If you have any ideas for stuff we can work on while away, please let me know. 



Pam P. - Pacific Palisades, CA

"Danielle hands down changed our life when we got our twin pugs Rosie and Sparky! Her knowledge and experience working with dogs is AMAZING! One of our pugs had a lot of health issues- Danielle was the guiding light with her support and ability to work with our dog. Our other dog had a severe marking problem that she was able to stop. We love her, you can't go wrong hiring her, and all our referrals have loved her!!!"

SparkyDr. Jay - Malibu, CA

     Shih-tzu and Great Dane
SparkyI have known Danielle for 5 years now, as she is training my second dog.The first dog, a shih-tzu, is the most well behaved animal we have ever owned. Now, the great dane is following in those footsteps too. There is nothing better than a well-behaved, housebroken, obedient animal, especially considering the size of the dane and the potential problems a large animal can cause around young people. I find Danielle to be patient, compassionate, considerate and highly skilled. I fully give my support and recommendation for her training skills.

BrojanWendy & Brett M. - Torrance, CA

Bernese Mountain Dog
"When we brought home a 2 month old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, we knew we needed to get him properly trained or someday we'd have a 120 pound beast on our hands.  Danielle has been instrumental in training Brojan and even better with training us!  She has a firm yet positive and caring approach with both dogs and people alike.  We appreciate how she has not only taught him basic obedience, but also given us guidance about Brojan's specific behaviors and needs.  At 10 months and 90 pounds, he's well on his way to becoming the great family pet that we hoped he would be."

SparkyJulie H. - Hancock Park, CA

Black Labrador Retriever
The training techniques that you showed us and instilled in our puppy, now one-year old dog, have made all of the difference.  Your approach, style and process work wonders!  You have made our lives, and that of our dog, so much easier now and in the future.

Battin Family - Westlake Village, CA

Labrador Retriever Mix
“She is the Mother of all dogs”!  Riley Battin Age 9 “Danielle works magic with Roxi! 

She is cool and nice and tough at the same time!  And Roxi loves her”!   Lauren Battin Age 6

Danielle at DogWorks was the key to our families' success!  After adopting Roxi from the shelter, we found out that we were her THIRD home in her short ten months of life!  Knowing this, I contacted a friend that did not hesitate in her personal referral of Danielle.  After speaking to her on the phone and realizing her depth of knowledge and expertise in the dog training field, we hired her immediately!  We literally picked Roxi up from the pound, picked the kids up from school and met Dogworks at our home.  We knew we wanted to start out on the right foot!  Roxi has been a part of our family for just five months now and, because of Danielle at Dogworks, she is going to remain a permanent member of our family.

Leslie V., Las Vegas, NV

Papillon, Peke, Labradoodle
I have been friends with Danielle for 20 years. She has always has had a soft place in her heart for animals. Her choice of profession couldn't have been a better decision. She is always saving stray dogs and placing them in loving homes. Because of her training of my two dogs Zoe & Ozzie they have become a enjoyment in my life and in other peoples lives. She was also instrumental in training my Moms "wild one" into a managble and loving asset to the family. I highly recommend her reputable services.

Dawn I - Hollywood, CA

Black Lab and a Collie Mix
Danielle is a rare bread indeed. She knows people and she knows dogs… which I discovered through her work is invaluable in successful dog training. Danielle took the challenge of my fighting dogs and my subsequent hysteria. She educated me and worked with my dogs to achieve what other trainers said could not be done. There are really no words to express my gratitude and respect for her skills. Danielle doesn’t whisper… she speaks loudly, clearly and all obey!

Brian H., Hollywood Hills, CA

When I first called Danielle, Pippin, my Labradoodle was about 12 weeks old and afraid of everything. He was afraid of stairs, he was afraid to to get in the car and he was afraid of other dogs. With patience and kindness, Danielle worked with him and in no time at all his phobias eased. He’s now a wonderfull, happy, obedient pup who participates in agility training. I highly recommend Danielle!

Don and Judy L, Calabasas, CA

Basenji Mix
Danielle, oh Danielle ­ your abilities with Canines are unquestionably unique. My dog, a female basenji mix of 45 pounds was ruler of our house before she met you. While she still thinks she is a princess, and barks unlike Basenjis, she regards you as a calming authoritarian and listens and my wife and me far more now that she has been through training with you. Let no one think they can train their dogs themselves any more than they can drive a car of fly a plane Without lessons. It takes training to be a trainer, and unquestionably you possess that training, patience and perseverance. Anyone considering Danielle and Dogworks would do well to stop considering and start acting. Their dog would ultimately lick them for it!!

Julie H., Beverly Hills, CA

Shih-poo and a Goldendoodle Mini
SparkyIf you are reading this you have already made the first big step toward having a happier life with your dog ­ realizing you need some help with training. And take it from me, it’s not just your dog. Yes Danielle trained my dog but, just as importantly, she trained me how to handle him.I can honestly say my dog would not be the dog he is today if it was not for the miracle working Danielle. After just the first visit it was like I had a new dog. He responded to her methods like they were magic. She corrected everything I was doing wrong and everything she taught me made so much sense and more importantly it worked. My sweet adorable puppy had major separation anxiety and even worse, could turn into “Cujo” at the mere site of a big dog. Now, today, you would not know my dog was anything but a well adjusted, sweet, friendly dog if you met him out and about, but trust me it’s all in the training and without that I really don’t think he would be the wonderful little guy that he is. My dog just turned 4 and I have Danielle to thank for all her advice and training. I truly believe that Danielle is the best out there so much so that she is now training my new puppy. Whenever I am out with my dogs, people always comment how well behaved and sweet they are. They ask me how I did it and I just give them Danielle’s number. Best of luck to you all.

SparkyJenny and Dan O., Silverlake, CA

Golden retriever and a Border Collie/Akita Mix
I’ve recommended Danielle to so many people I have stopped counting. She takes the personality of the dog into consideration in her training approach as well as the personality of the owners. It amazes me how well both of my dogs respond to her. They really have a desire to please her. She teaches both owner and dog the skills they need to keep up with the proper behavior ­ but it’s like anything that’s learned ­ you need practice. Make no mistake, having a properly trained dog is work on the part of the owner but walking and living with a well trained, polite dog is worth the small time investment I make on my own.


Joel and Edith P., Beverly Hills CA

     Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier

We cannot thank you enough for the expert and superlative dog training which you gave our wheaten terrier, Casey, as well as for the invaluable guidance and instruction which you provided us with in order to correct Casey's "leash aggression" with other dogs.

Having been dog owners for the past forty-two years, we have worked with many dog trainers, including one who tried to correct the problem we were having with Casey at this time, and, without question, you have been the most professional, caring and effective trainer that we have ever experienced.

We cannot thank you enough and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for assistance in training their dog.

Edith and Joel Pollack

Jeanne K., Manhattan Beach CA

     American Pit Bull Terrier

Hi Danielle- I was thinking of you and thought I’d say hello..(Lucy says hi too). Just want you to know we are doing great with Lucy.  She and I walk miles on the green belt in Manhattan Beach and pass many, many dogs without any problem!  She still has those fenced in ‘trigger’ dogs that we pass by in the neighborhood, but her reaction is a ‘controlled’ one.  Lucy has learned to tolerate not only other dogs, but cats, squirrels, birds and horses.  Everyone in the family loves to walk with her and Stacey takes her to the local dog park to play with a few of the neighbor’s dogs that she gets along well with.  Hope all is well with you.




p.s. we lost our little Lucky this last fall. She was such a wonderful member of our family. We all miss her.

Allen and Marcia W., Santa Monica CA


Just in case you are ever in need of a dog trainer, please hang on to this web site. I can’t say enough great things about Danielle Haffner. If it had not been for her perseverance in training Ziggy as well as teaching Marcia and I what we needed to do in terms of making our dog the best ever, Ziggy would not still be living with us. As most of you are aware of the issues we had, they no longer exist. Thank you Danielle!


Allen & Marcia